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Albany Athletics Boosters (AAB)

Who We Are:

Albany Athletics Boosters (AAB) are a dedicated group of coaches, parents, administrators and Albany community members supporting all athletes and athletic programs at AHS and AMS.

Our Focus:

Fundraise to support all sports programs and increase Albany sports spirit, maintain a quality athletic program and support our 1,200 student athletes and 25+ sports programs.

It takes $345,000 every year to sustain our current Albany Athletic Program. Albany Unified School District provides $193,000, and we anticipate this number will decrease in the next few years.

AAB’s goal is to raise more than $180,000 to help pay for equipment, uniforms, coach salaries, tournament fees, referees, and transportation to support our Albany student-athletes.

Together, we can help keep Albany School Athletics an integral part of our thriving community.

Please Help – Donate Today!  

Albany Athletics Boosters (AAB)

AAB General Meetings:

Monthly - 2nd Wednesday (during school year)

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AHS Fall Sports Registration

Dear AHS Community,

Albany High School is excited to announce that Fall Sports are back! 

We are also excited to announce the hiring of our Head Varsity Football Coach, Danny Wilcox! 


(Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Women’s Tennis, Golf & Water Polo) 

Here is the link that will take you directly to the registration home page

Family ID Registration

What will the season look like?

Upon selection into the program, and completion of the registration process, students will be able to condition, practice, and play! Please check the FAMILY ID website for information on tryouts. 

Volleyball August 9th time TBD, Tennis August 10th time TBD, Cross Country the entire week of August 9th 9am-11am each day. Water Polo, Golf & Football probably will not have tryouts 


All students must have a current physical signed by a physician to participate. If you can’t get an in-person meeting scheduled with a doctor, virtual meetings are fine as long as the doctor provides clearance. 

Albany Athletics Boosters Needs You! Board Position Openings

It's thanks to the incredible work of our AAB board members that makes Albany High and Middle School sports possible. We have a few graduating board members and are looking for a volunteer for the Secretary/communication role this year. If you are passionate about youth sports in our schools, please contact Bahrt Arellano, AAB President, at

Support Albany School Sports-- Donate to AAB Today!

We cannot offer these terrific sports opportunities for our 1200 student-athletes in 25+ sports programs without your support. AUSD's Athletics budget cannot cover the $345,000 every year it takes to sustain our Athletics program, so AAB's goal is to raise $180,000 annually. However, with seasons cut short last year and the cancellation of major fundraisers, instead of raising this amount, we had a loss of $40,000. We need your help to ensure our students can continue to enjoy school sports-- please consider a charitable donation to AAB at Thank you

I look forward to updating you with further details once they become available.

Zachary Babitt, Athletic Director
Albany High School
603 Key Route Blvd
Albany, CA 94706

Welcome to Albany High School Athletics

Welcome to Albany High School Athletics! We are excited to provide your son/daughter with an opportunity to develop physically, mentally and emotionally while participating on one of our interscholastic athletic teams.  We trust it will be a positive experience that he/she will never forget.

Albany High School teams are members of the Tri Counties Athletic League (TCAL) in the North Coast Section (NCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). The CIF governs all high school athletics in California.

Athletic administration and coaches uphold the purpose of our Athletic Code of Conduct which is to promote the idea of healthy competition and to set standards of good sportsmanship for everyone involved. Albany High School, along with all other TCAL schools, subscribe to the tenets of Pursuing Victory with Honor.

Athletics play an important part of Albany High School. Students learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program. Athletics also play an important role in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students - spectators as well as participants - develop pride in their school.

Save Albany High & Albany Middle School Sports!— Albany Athletics Boosters Fundraising Campaign 
As we begin to re-launch youth sports, funding is critically needed to fully support our student athletes and all teams. Our Spring fundraising goal is $40,000. All funds directly support athletics programs for AHS and AMS. 

Shutting down in March 2020 meant that we missed out on our two major fundraisers-- Pasta Dinner & Cake Auction and the Albany Triathalon, as well as player contributions for the rest of the year. While the donations stopped, our expenses did not, and at the end of 2020 the Albany Athletics Boosters was over $40,000 in the negative.  

We don't want our student athletes to return to school and find out that their sport is cancelled due to lack of funds. We don't want to tell them we can only field 1 team instead of the usual 2 or 3 because we don't have the money to pay for coaches. We don't want to tell them they can't play games because we can't afford to rent a bus for travel.   

Albany Athletics Boosters is a non-profit group of parents and teachers whose goal is to raise funds to provide our Albany community with the best possible access to quality athletic experiences. We are the 2nd largest fundraiser in AUSD after School Care. 

While the district covers the cost of most head coaches and some transportation, the Albany Athletics Boosters pay for EVERYTHING ELSE-- Athletic and strength trainers, extra coaches, uniforms, about half of the transportation needs, and equipment. We also support as much capital improvement as possible. 

We never want to say “no” because when we do, it means a child will be missing out on the best possible athletic experience. Athletics is a crucial part of our children's educational and personal growth experiences. Many life lessons are learned through sports and the list of benefits is very long. 

Please help support your sport and donate to the Albany Athletics Boosters!  Thank you.

Albany Athletics Boosters 

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