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Support Your Sport - Please Donate NOW!

The Albany Unified School District is faced with a financial crisis, as are most school districts in California. Funding for AHS & AMS sports and the athletic department has been drastically reduced. In order to sustain the current athletic program, we must come up with $180,000, each school year.

We are asking each family of an AHS athlete to donate $250 per player for each sport played and AMS athlete families to donate $160 per sport played. Albany Athletics Boosters is doing an aggressive fundraising effort, and individual sports will fundraise as well. 100% of all money raised is used to cover the basic expenses including officials, transportation, equipment, uniforms, maintenance/upkeep of our facilities, and coaching stipends.

All donations in any amount are accepted, and your contribution is tax-deductible (TIN: 94-2848588). Please click the link below or send your donation and form to: Albany High School, Albany Athletics Boosters, 603 Key Route Blvd., Albany, CA, 94706. Together, we can keep Albany High School Athletics an integral part of our school community!

When making a donation using PayPal please be sure to click the tab that says “add special instructions for seller” to indicate your WHICH TEAM should be credited with the donation.