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Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer at AUSD for Albany Middle School and Albany High School.  Albany USD Board Policy requires that each of our volunteers submit the following documents. 

Volunteer Driver Requirements:
1. Volunteer II Application 
2. Completed TB Risk Assessment (To be completed by licensed physician) NEW 
3. FBI and DOJ fingerprint clearance 
4. Copy of Driver’s License 
5. Official Driver License Report (DMV) 
6. Insurance Policy Declaration Page (See Liability Requirements Below)
7. Current vehicle registration 
8. Volunteer Driver Information Sheet and Declaration

Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage Requirements:
$100,000 for each person, $300,000 each occurrence for bodily injury and $25,000 property damage coverage

Volunteer Driver Renewal Requirements:

Volunteer Drivers should include a Volunteer Information Update Form with their documentation.

1. Volunteer drivers need to provide an updated TB clearance every four (4) years.
2. Volunteer drivers need to submit the following documents annually:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Insurance policy declaration page
  • Official Driver License Report (DMV) 
  • Current vehicle registration

Volunteer Coach Requirements: 
1. Volunteer III Application 
2. Completed TB Risk Assessment (To be completed by licensed physician) 
3. FBI and DOJ fingerprint clearance
4. Completion of NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course: (general course) 
5. Completion of NFHS Concussion in Sports Course:
6. Completion of NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course 
7. CPR/First Aid training: must be a “live” class given by the American Red Cross 
8. Read "Victory with Honor"

Volunteer Coach Renewal Requirements:

1.  Volunteer coaches need to provide an updated TB clearance every four (4) years.

2.  Volunteer coaches need to maintain current CPR/First-Aid certification (every 2 years).

Download Volunteer Forms Below:

Fingerprint Location:
CAL Live Scan

2855 Telegraph Ave. Suite 303
Berkeley, CA 94705
510-316-7828, 510-848-2989
$25.00 fee billed to district