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Donate NOW!

Donate NOW!

The Albany Unified School District is faced with a financial crisis, as are most school districts in California. Funding for AHS & AMS sports and the athletic department has been drastically reduced. In order to sustain the current athletic program, we must come up with $180,000, each school year.

We are asking each family of an athlete to donate $225 per player for each sport played. Albany Athletics Boosters is doing an aggressive fundraising effort, and individual sports will fundraise, as well. 100% of all money raised is used to cover the basic expenses including officials, transportation, equipment, uniforms, maintenance/upkeep of our facilities, and coaching stipends.

All donations in any amount are accepted, and your contribution is tax-deductible (TIN: 94-2848588). Please send your donation with the donation form to: Albany High School, Albany Athletics Boosters, 603 Key Route Blvd., Albany, CA, 94706. Together, we can keep Albany High School Athletics an integral part of our school community!

To make a donation to Albany Athletics Boosters or any AHS sports team click on the PayPal Link below or download the Albany Athletics Boosters donation form below.

Donation Form  

When making a donation using PayPal please be sure to click the tab that says “add special instructions for seller” to indicate your CHILD'S NAME AND WHICH TEAM should be credited with the donation. 

Online Donation