The Need

The minimum cost to operate the Albany Athletic Program is $440,000. AUSD provides about $260,000, which covers an Athletic Director, AMS/AHS Coach stipends, and some transportation costs. AAB (Albany Athletics Boosters) is responsible for raising the other $180,000. Together, these funds pay for equipment, coaches' stipends, tournament fees, officials, uniforms, transportation, Athletic Assistant & Athletic Trainer - all to support all Albany student-athletes.

Expected Team Contribution

To meet this responsibility, each team is expected to raise a minimum of $225 per athlete (AHS), $140 per athlete (AMS), per season.  The coach of the team is the de facto lead for fundraising and this responsibility can be delegated to a parent or group of parents.  Fundraisers require completion of the fundraising form and must be pre-approved by both the Athletic Director and the School Principal.  This money goes through the AAB (Albany Athletics Boosters) account and is used to meet the basic needs of our Athletic teams. Anything raised “above and beyond” the $225/$140 minimum is designated back to the team and is available for “extras” like warm-up suits, sweatshirts, equipment, etc. Team expenditures are subject to Title IX compliance.

Fundraising examples

  • Athlete provides the $225/$140 requested contribution at time of sign-up for a sport 
  • Concession sales
  • Spirit Wear sales
  • Gift card sale
  • Corporate Sponsor Banners
  • Tournament: Golf, Wrestling, Volleyball, Basketball
  • Team Example: If the Rugby team has 30 players, they are required to raise $6,750 to pay for the operating expenses (salaries, uniforms, transportation, tournament fees, officials, etc.) for our Athletic Program. Any money they raise beyond $6,750 is available for the team to use for things other than basic needs.

Teams that consistently fail to meet their fundraising obligations may be dropped as a sponsored sport (simply because we can’t afford it), but can continue as a student run club sport.


To volunteer or to find out more details about fundraising, please contact one of the Albany Athletics Boosters (AAB) executive committee members.

Fundraising Deposits, Reimbursements,
and other Money Matters

Please download the Deposit form or the Reimbursement form and submit to Albany Athletics Boosters. All reimbursements / check requests must include receipts/invoices and must be approved by the Athletic Director before it can be processed.  Mail completed forms to:

Albany Athletics Boosters c/o
Athletics Department
603 Key Route Blvd
Albany, CA 94706

or drop requests in the boosters box in the AHS office. Please note on the envelope whether your request is a deposit or a reimbursement.

Contact the Athletic Director with questions or for assistance.